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22nd September 2021

South Lincolnshire Water Partnership (SLWP) Update

The South Lincolnshire Water Partnership (SLWP) have recently received some good news.  The Regulator’s Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development (RAPID) published their draft decisions for our Strategic Reginal Options (SROs), confirming that funding for the development of the South Lincolnshire Reservoir (SLR) will continue, enabling us to progress through the next stage.

There is now a window for representations to RAPID ahead of them making their final decision on 16th November. This window is an opportunity for stakeholders to put forward any views on the solution directly to RAPID. It is a great opportunity to convey any views on behalf of your organisations or the SLWP, especially in relation to the long term vision for managing water in the Lincolnshire Fens and the broader benefits the development of a reservoir system could deliver. The representation window will close on 8th October and details on how to submit a representation can be found at the above link.

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