Mink Control

The identification and eradication of Mink as an Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) is important for the protection of our wildlife such as the Water Vole and small wading birds.

The Board is actively supporting The Water Recovery East Project and the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership (GLNP) to eradicate Mink from our region.

With this directive in mind Black Sluice IDB, along with neighbouring IDBs, are now actively trapping Mink with the use of “Mink Rafts” with remote activation sensors that alert us when traps have been triggered.

The decision on where to effectively deploy the traps is dependant on various factors, one of which is physical sightings by landowners and the general public. 

To help with this we have designed a Mink locator map (below); this is a live map for anyone to use that has seen a Mink (alive or dead). Please follow the prompts and add any photos you may have taken, followed by the send button. Your sighting will then show on the map and will help us to build a picture of where the Mink are most active.

Please click on the map below to log your Mink sighting.


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