Land Drainage Byelaws

Summary of Principle Byelaws

The following notes must only be taken as an indication of the content of the Byelaw and not a full interpretation. A copy the Byelaws is available for inspection at the Board's office, or view full Byelaws.

Clause :-

3. Introduction or increase in water flow (Includes catchment outside District)

Consent required to increase flow of water into or within District.

Note: Byelaw under which Board levies Development Charge.

7. Detrimental substances not to be put in watercourse (Board watercourses)

No solid nor liquid to be allowed to fall into a watercourse.

8. Lighting of fire (Board watercourses)

No fires permitted where liable to set fire to peat or bankside vegetation.

9. Notice to cut vegetation (Private watercourses)

Board can direct responsible person to cut and remove vegetation (incl trees).

10. No obstruction within 9.0 metres of the edge of a watercourse (Board w/cs)

Consent required for structures, temp or permanent, trees, shrubs etc. within 9m.

Note: This is the main Byelaw used regularly by the Board.

11. Repair of structures (Board watercourses)

Board can direct responsible persons to repair private structures.

12. Control of vermin (Board watercourses)

Board can direct occupiers to control vermin.

13. Damage by animals to banks (Board watercourse)

Reasonable steps shall be taken by responsible person to prevent damage.

15. Banks not to be used for storage (Board watercourses)

Nothing to be stored which will endanger bank stability, or impede access.

17. Fences, excavation pipes etc. (Board watercourses)

Consent required for any works in, over or adjoining a watercourse including gas, electricity, water services ,culverts, bridges, fences, walls jetties, pumps, etc.

Note: In general Section 23 of the Land Drainage Act 1991 used instead of Byelaw.

29. Arbitration

Persons must object within 21 days of a notice. In default of an agreed arbitrator one shall be appointed by the President of the Institute of Civil Engineers or, in the case of a local authority, the 'Minister' (DEFRA).

31. Limitation

Nothing in the Byelaws authorises the Board to act other than to affect the efficient working of the drainage system, nor to override any requirements of other Acts such as the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

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