Summer Cutting

Annual Flailing and Cutting

Flailing & Roding 2022 

The Board's annual Flailing and Cutting programme will commence in August in line with our Environmental Policy.  The initial programme is identified below, but with various machines working on different sized drains we may have more than one visit to some catchments.  Many differing scenarios can affect the works programme and map above will be regularly updated. Please use the programme to assist you with the timely removal of electric fencing, bird scarers, irrigation pumps & pipes etc.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the programme please contact the Operations Supervisor on the office number.

(Please zoom in for machine roding)

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2023 Cutting Programmes

Below is the 2022 season Machine Roding and Flailing planning programme. These dates are an indication only of when catchments within the Black Sluice Drainage Board area will be visited for drain seasonal maintenance. Many factors will affect this programme and it should be used as a rough guide only.

Summer Machine Cutting (to follow)

Summer Hand Cutting (to follow)

Summer Hand Cutting on behalf of South Kesteven District Council (to follow)

Map of Annual Flailing & Roding Programme 2023



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