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27th July 2022

2022 Annual Maintenance

The Board commenced its early season maintenance of critical watercourses in March, to periodically mow the banks to inhibit ground nesting birds in preparation for mechanical clearance of the channels in June & July. The full annual maintenance programme will commence on Monday 1st August to mow and remove vegetation from the watercourses it maintains within the district, with works expected to be completed at the end of December.

Mowing of the banks is important, and the removal of vegetation growth from the channel enables for efficiency of flows within. This is done to prevent watercourses from closing up, which hinders the supply and discharge of water. By keeping channels open and banks in good condition the ditches retain their capacity to convey water in the event of flooding due to heavy rainfall, or in the event of drought.

The Board mow as often as necessary to make water level management possible and to meet standards for water supply and drainage, following a maintenance programme which is in accordance with the Board’s management plans, environment policy, and biodiversity action plan etc. Extreme weather conditions, drought or heavy rainfall events may mean that planned maintenance has to change.

More information can be found on the website. 

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