Works Manager

The purpose of this role:

This post is pivotal to the smooth functioning of the Operations and Engineering team, you will offer direct support to the Operations Manager and work closely with the GIS & Environment Technician, Works Supervisor and Ganger, also working as part of a wider team across the district to deliver organisational objectives.

To undertake research, prepare reports, responses and statistical information as required for Board reporting, management reporting and other requirements.

The post requires response to public enquiries face to face/via telephone or email, thus to be an advocate for the Board and to promote the aims of the organisation is an essential prerequisite of the post.

The role requires the post holder to have regular communication, work with, inform and provide information to others outside the organisation, such as our ratepayers, consultants, partner organisations, external stakeholders as well as external funders and professional partners.

This role is expected to develop and evolve over time. The Board provides varied opportunities for individuals to develop their professional skill sets. Opportunities for further training will be assessed, supported and reviewed through our annual staff development process in order to maintain excellent standards of service and employee job satisfaction.

To thrive and achieve all aspects of the role, whilst working in harmony, supporting colleagues, and becoming a key member of an effective team.

To uphold and comply with the organisations policies and the law in relation to Health and Safety, Financial Regulations, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection and other adopted Policies and Procedures required for the smooth and effective operation of the organisation.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

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