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16th June 2020

The Smart Catchments Project: Using technology and real-time monitoring to manage water efficiently and sustainably

Black Sluice IDB, as part of the South Lincolnshire Water Partnership, are working with Lincolnshire County Council and other 
organisations to improve water management in South Lincolnshire. The Smart Catchments Project will enable improvements to current 
floodwater management practices, the retention of water resources during dry periods and improvements to the water environment.

In order to monitor the water environment the Board will be conducting a number of aquatic plant surveys across the catchment to 
record and reflect the environmental importance, and value of any improved management to local drains and watercourses. These surveys 
will record the diversity and abundance of aquatic plants over a number of 500m survey sections, once a year, for three or more years, 
during the period June to August, taking 2- 3 hours each section, each season. The surveys will be conducted from banksides, trackways 
or field headlands and will not change or impact on any existing maintenance programmes. If you are an owner or manager of land, which 
includes a randomly selected survey section on a Board maintained or other watercourse, you will have received a letter of notification.


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