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31st March 2022

Mink Trapping

At this years Environment Committee meeting attention was drawn to mink; it being noted that other IDBs are actively increasing the trapping of mink and it is something the Board should also be doing.

Simon Harrison our Works Manager explained that the Board was now involved with the Waterlife Recovery East Project, alongside other IDBs (62 mink caught in 2021), to help address the issue with mink.

Simon continued, explaining that the Board has now purchased Remoti remote control traps, these send a radio signal when triggered to a phone app, alerting that it has been triggered, so that somebody is able to go and check the trap. A non-remote-controlled traps must be checked every day, compared to the remote units only having to be checked once a month unless a trigger signal is received whereby attendance is required. The remote units are £95 per unit, inclusive of two years monitoring, please visit for further details. 

A Committee member questioned if there could be an opportunity for landowners/farmers etc. to join this project?

Simon confirmed that others could join and we encourage people to do so, other traps could be linked up to the same system.

If you would like further information on this project please contact Simon Harrison on our office number, 01205 821440 or email him at



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