Chief Executive

Grade 13, SP 47+3%, £71,003, essential users car allowance
Reporting to the Board

Overall Purpose

To develop the culture, strategy and direction of the Board at the same time create the future.

Duties, Tasks & Responsibilities:-

  • Ensure that the operations of the Board in managing water levels and reducing the risk of flooding are undertaken satisfactorily
  • All arrangements and administration in relation to the Works Committee’s and Environment Committee
  • Create plans for the future operation of the Board, preparing recommendations to be approved by the Board on all matters, ensuring that the plans are executed within the annual budgets agreed with the Board
  • Monitor all operations to ensure that all aspects of environmental controls and health and safety are undertaken
  • Assist Operations Manager (OM) with technical knowledge on planning applications and bye-law applications
  • Liaise with OM over surface water and drainage problems
  • Liaise with ratepayers, other utilities and the general public on drainage problems in the Board's District
  • Represent the Board on external Committees as required
  • To supervision the Board's response to all planning and consent procedures
  • Balance the Board's needs for efficient land drainage with the needs of the environment
  • Develop future leadership within the organisation
  • FDGIA technical input and administration
  • Oversee staff in developing annual budgets and ensure there are sufficient resources to undertake the Board's key activities
  • Manage and supervise the recruitment of all staff
  • Supervise performance management and improvement systems
  • Review management accounts, budgets
  • Ensure that every opportunity is taken to advertise the Board's activities in the press and media
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson and representative for the Board
  • Ensure that the mission, operations and services of the Board are presented in a strong and positive way to all its stakeholders
  • Policy reviews, recommendation of new and amendments to existing policies through Audit and Risk Committee
  • Monitor operations
  • Liaison with Internal Auditor and Finance Manager
  • The daily supervision of subordinates
  • Any other duties that are reasonably asked of you

Flood Warnings